Tech Neck is a very real problem in our increasingly connected society, when many of us spend long periods of time in front of computers, or gaze down at our handheld devices, like our phones, tablets, and eReaders. It comes at a particular price to our necks. 

We call this specific problem Tech Neck because the pain we experience is directly attributed to our technology use. Our society doesn't seem like it's getting any less dependent on technology, which is why we thought we'd give you some information about how to fight tech neck, which will enhance your back, neck, and spine in the process. 

Use Versatility of Movement

Over-emphasize a slouching position, rolling your shoulders forward and bending your neck forward. Then, do the opposite and roll your shoulders backward while pointing your chin toward the ceiling.

You can also raise up your arms for overhead reaches and incorporate neck rolls, clockwise and counter clockwise. But Make sure that you do it slowly and gently as jerky movements will not help the situation and could end up straining your neck.

Get Up Once and Hour

Try to get up from your chair at least once every hour. The idea is to change movement and position every 20 minutes or so, but we also know you have to be productive at work. But if your boss is giving you trouble for getting up once an hour, maybe it's time to brush up the resume. 

What If My Neck Still Hurts and I Need a Chiropractor Near Me?

Although these practices will certainly help your situation, some neck pain might be there to stay. In such cases, contact Vital Energy Wellness & Chiropractic Center Inc. at 303-229-5374. We provide drug-free, holistic solutions for neck pain, back and spine pain, even leg pain. Call today to schedule your consultation.

Vital Energy Wellness and Chiropractic Center Inc would like to gear up our patients and readership for spring and summer -- when people's allergies tend to flare up.

Does that Super Bloom sound more like a looming threat to your sinuses, your skin, and other parts of your body that are most prone to allergic reactions? Most people equate allergies with the classic stuffy nose and sneezing, but when your allergies flare up they can: manifest in the following ways:

  • Digestive Disturbances
  • Food Allergies
  • Sensitivities or Intolerance
  • Burning Eyes
  • Stuff Nose (Hay Fever)
  • Asthma
  • Skin Irritations
  • Headaches
  • Rapid Heartbeat
  • Sleep Disorders
  • Fatigue
  • Chronic Pain
  • Hives and Rashes
  • Dandruff

It's a lot more than you thought, right?

What Vital Energy Wellness and Chiropractic Can Do for Allergies

We provide a wide range of wellness services, all under one roof. We take a holistic approach, treating the underlying problem instead of just dealing with symptoms. We utilize a cold laser treatment which re-educates the body, correcting the way it reacts to the apparent allergen -- which we identify prior. Duration and severity of allergy may require multiple treatments, but once we're finished you'll be able to go back to living a normal life again.

Contact Vital Energy today if your allergies are flaring up this season at 303-463-9395 -- we'll get you back to healthy and active!

Self care is a term that's all the rage with the young folks. But what do some of us really mean when we say that we're taking the time to look out for ourselves?

Schools of social work tend to categorize self-care as activities or practices that people engage in regularly that reduces stress -- all as a way to maintain balance, enhance happiness, and lead to long-term and short-term healthy living.

Some of Us Are Doing Self Care All Wrong

Many of us are confined to the workplace for 40+ hours a week, which can often lead to happy hour on Fridays -- if not sooner. So often we chase the easy fix, which can mean a few hours spent at the pub. Sounds like a great way to burn off steam, right? Well, maybe not.

Switch Up the Routine

What if you decided to completely change your daily habits? What if self-care looked like taking a yoga class 3x per week? What if self-care looked like reading a book at the park, or taking your weekly aggressions out on a punching back, a running trail, or a personal trainer?

The important thing to do is to re-examine what you're doing when you need to get away from it all. Those things that you do when you want to decompress could be serving you a lot better than a hazy night of drinking with a steep bar tab to boot.

Care to learn more about wellness and how you can unlock your true potential? Schedule a consultation with Vital Energy Wellness & Chiropractic Center Inc today.

Maybe you're working two jobs to pay the bills, or maybe you're a high-powered executive with a Fortune 500 company -- in this day and age, more and more people are glorifying sacrificing sleep in order to get a little bit ahead in life.

Lack of sleep can lead to numerous health problems and diseases that can affect your daily life and even drive you to an early death. It's a harsh statement, but it's the truth. It's amazing how the healthcare industry often fails us when it comes to properly informing the public about the extreme consequences of sleep deprivation.

Lack of Sleep is Linked to Obesity and Diabetes

During sleep, our bodies produce certain hormones that provide appetite control. Those of us who sleep less than 6 hours nightly are far more likely to have a higher BMI (body mass index) than those of us who get 8 hours of shut-eye nightly. Too little sleep? Lack of sleep upsets hormone balance and also drives up insulin secretion after meals. High levels of insulin equals weight gain and also increases risk for diabetes.

Lack of Sleep Affects Performance

When you're not getting enough sleep, you're not firing on all cylinders, which can affect your work, but it can also affect your driving skills. Sleepy drivers are common causes of automobile accidents, which can land you at your local chiropractor's office or far worse.

Lack of Sleep and Alzheimer's

Continuous sleep deprivation has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease. We're just now starting to learn how huge a role a good night’s sleep plays in clearing out beta-amyloid from your brain that you accumulate throughout the day. Beta-amyloid is a metabolic waste product that is found in fluid between neurons, and a build-up of such impairs brain function and increases risk of Alzheimer's.

At Vital Energy Wellness & Chiropractic Center Inc. we believe in educating our patients about the ways that they can set themselves up for healthy lives. We provide chiropractic care services, weight loss counseling, health and wellness services, and more. Call 303-229-5374 to schedule your initial consultation today.

To some, Earth Day might mean planting a tree. To other people, Earth Day might mean an obligation to get out and inhabit nature, perhaps in an attempt to enjoy all the good our planet has to offer.

Vital Energy Wellness & Chiropractic Center Inc. would like to review ways that patients and readers can get out into the world without compromising back and spine health. When it comes down to it, your spine and your back are really at the center of it all. Once you compromise your back, everything else gets thrown out of whack.

Stretch it Out

This might mean finding a place at your local watering hole or finding a clearing in a forest, but taking 20-50 minutes to stretch out your body can be a life-changing experience. Engaging in yoga or a spiritual stretch routine in a natural setting might be the difference between a Zen or a hectic existence...

Jogging / Hiking

Running (especially on uneven turf and footing) might not be the very best way for you to engage in cardio, but hiking can be an alternative the puts less wear and tear on your knees, ankles, and your lower back. If you insist on running or cross-training, make sure you invest in proper shoes and make sure that you supplement your program with yoga or an equivalent form of stretching.


Cycling is easy on your back and it's an excellent exercise for your core. Ride uphill with the highest resistance you can handle if you want a more powerful workout. Make sure your seat and handlebars are adjusted accordingly. 

If you experience any sort of discomfort this Earth Day while you're out there getting after it during the Spring and Summer seasons, do not hesitate to contact Vital Energy Wellness & Chiropractic Center Inc. If you're running at anything less than 100%, we'll get your body back to optimized. 

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