Sure, you've probably heard about someone in your life going on a nutritional cleanse. But what does that entail? Maybe your friend is going on a juice cleanse of some sort; maybe they're doing the cayenne pepper, honey, and lemon juice thing. Today Vital Energy Wellness & Chiropractic Center Inc would like to break down some of the health benefits you might experience while on one of these various nutritional cleanses.

Experienced Weight Counselor | Chiropractor in Arvada, CO Talks Cleansing

One distinct benefit you will experience is weight loss. There's a significant amount of build-up and waste that a cleanse will rid your body of. You'll clear out your digestive tract and dislodge waste.

Second, you'll experience better sleep when your body isn't working hard to process foods. The body is also able to remove toxins that have been absorbed and ingested through food and environmental factors, which have been known to cause insomnia and irregular sleep patters.

The third benefit is a boosted immune system. After completing cleanses regularly, you'll be able to avoid frequent colds. Your body gets some time away from fighting harmful bacteria that get stuck in the intestines.

Fourth, cleansing helps fromote clearer skin. Built-up waste multiplies in the body, to the point where it starts coming through your pores as your body treis to sweat it out. Cleansing helps rid your body of such waste.

Lastly, nutritional cleansing limits oxidative stress and helps reduce free radicals in the body, which helps fight the process of aging.

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